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Online academic competition app

HighFour Competitions offers students the opportunity to participate in both team and individual competitions in various subjects across multiple grade levels. Competitions are scheduled monthly, ten times per school year, from September to June, on the dates shown below.

  • In team competitions, students are to form teams of 2-4 and answer 20 questions in the given 30 minutes. Team competitions are only available for schools and other educational institutions/centers.
  • In individual competitions, students are to answer 20 randomly generated questions in the given 60 minutes. To ensure equivalent level of difficulty for individuals, each set of 20 questions includes 4 questions of the same difficulty level. Individual competitions are available for schools, educational institutions/centers, and individual students.

In order for students to prepare for these competitions, questions of past rounds are available for practice in all subjects, categorized by grade levels and strands.